Explore Blanes: Beaches in a City Rich in History

Blanes, in addition to having outstanding beaches and natural landscapes on the Costa Brava, is a city full of history. Its origins date back beyond the pre-Roman Iberian society, to an Iberian settlement located on the southern slope of Mount Sant Joan. Starting from the year 218 BC during the Romanization of the region, the settlement came to be known as Blanda or Blandae, giving rise to the current name of the city.
While staying at the Hotel Beverly Park, we recommend exploring the Old Town of the city. You will take a walk through history as you stroll along cobbled streets surrounded by a rich cultural heritage.

Plaça de l’Església and the Church of Santa Maria

The Plaça de l’Església is the heart of the old town and a perfect starting point for your journey. In the center of the square stands the majestic Church of Santa Maria, a Gothic masterpiece dating back to the 13th century.
The influence of this church is not only reflected in its architectural style but also in the history of the viscounts of Cabrera, a prominent feudal family that played an essential role in financing the construction of the temple. With their vast territorial control, the viscounts of Cabrera significantly contributed to the construction and consolidation of this iconic place of worship.

Blanes Seaside Promenade

The Seaside Promenade stretches for over 3 kilometers, starting at the Port of Blanes and ending near the Delta de la Tordera. This charming route offers visitors a unique experience that combines visual delight with the sea breeze, creating an unforgettable connection with the maritime environment.
During your journey, you can enjoy excellent panoramic views of the Mediterranean and explore Blanes’ two most prominent urban beaches: Blanes Beach and S’Abanell Beach.

This September, explore the history of Blanes during your stay at the Hotel Beverly Park Blanes. We look forward to welcoming you!